Artist's Den

They say that money makes the world go round. And we disagree with that.

We believe that love is the driving force for most things in the world. And one of first things that are born out of love is art. We feel that art, artists, and their love for their art can add soul to any place, human, non-human, alien, anything.

We at Happy Panda encourage art in all its forms – fledgling or accomplished, new and old, tiny or humungous, musical and sketched, written and verbal; as long as you’re passionate about your art form, and believe in it, we welcome you to add soul to our haven. We will do everything possible for you so that you write, paint, play your instruments, sing, entertain, make dream catchers, use neon lighting for a setup, write songs and jingles, shoot videos, capture candid moments, make chandeliers out of beer bottles, spray paint, shake a leg, cook some sumptuous food, or anything else that catches your fancy.

Your stay will be on the house. And we mean it!

Give us a shout to let us know when you would be coming to Panda Land.